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Harvest Moon Miku Enamel Pin

Harvest Moon Miku Enamel Pin

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Pin Details

  • 2 inches / 50 mm tall
  • Hard Enamel
  • Light Gold Plated
  • Heart Backing Pin
  • Sent with Designed Backing Card



Enamel Pin Grading System

Our enamel pins are graded into three categories: Standard, B Grade, and C Grade.

Standard Grade

These pins are top-notch quality but might have small imperfections like tiny marks, minor plating issues, or small air bubbles. If you want us to check your pins before shipping, just leave us a note at checkout.

B Grade

B Grade pins, while still of commendable quality, may exhibit visible flaws, including:

  • Underfilled enamel
  • Dirty or smudged enamel or printed details
  • Scratched, burnt, or discolored plating
  • Small scratches, chips, or holes in the enamel
  • Air bubbles, dust, debris, or paint specs in the enamel
  • Smaller areas of tarnished or missing plating

Please note that B Grade pins are considered faulty items and are non-returnable and non-refundable.

C Grade

C Grade pins possess unique flaws that differentiate them significantly from the original design. These flaws may include:

  • Large or central areas of missing or underfilled enamel
  • Incorrect colors or plating
  • Discolored or heavily damaged plating
  • Severe scratches, smudges, or discoloration
  • Missing or faulty pin backs
  • Inaccurate print details

Similar to B Grade pins, C Grade pins are considered faulty items and are non-returnable and non-refundable.

This grading system ensures transparency and allows customers to make informed decisions about their purchases based on their preferences and expectations.


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